Hold meetings remotely in planned rooms to maximize the feeling of realism. A true immersive experience.


Why do I need Telepresence?

Telepresence enables saving time and financial resources used in national and international travel, promoting approximation of national and foreign researchers with no need for professionals to be absent from their daily activities. The service can be used by connecting two rooms (point-to-point) or more environments (multipoint), and also integrated with other RNP services, such as Videoconference and [email protected]



Telepresence provides a perfect meeting with remote participants, generating:
•    Saving of time and financial resources;
•    High quality image and audio;
•    Sense of all participants being in the same place.


How to take Telepresence to my institution?

To adhere to the service, the IT manager of the institution must agree with the Use Policy and contact RNP Service Desk.

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