Store data of your institution on a robust and high-level IT infrastructure.


Check out our Colocation service

The hosting service called Colocation offers a high-availability space for servers and network elements of strategic clients in the premises of the RNP Internet Data Center (IDC), allocating an access point to the high-speed education and research network, monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The service offer high level of infrastructure and management of the IT and communication environment, aiming to serve its clients with guaranteed high security and uninterrupted operation.


Where can I use IDC?

RNP IDC is located in an area of 600 m2, in a strategic point of Brasilia. 



How to access?

IDC Colocation is restricted to the Ministries of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), Education (MEC), Culture (MinC) and Health, as well as their agencies and research institutes, in addition to science, technology, education, innovation and culture projects considered strategic by the General Board of Directors of RNP. 



Why do I need the Colocation service?

With a privileged localization in Brasilia, RNP IDC houses the RNP Point of Presence in the Federal District (PoP-DF) and the Federal Network Interconnection Point (FIX/PTTMetro of Brasília) in its facilities, exchanging traffic locally with the main commercial and federal backbones of the country, which guarantees easy access to the services provided by the clients, which are already hosted there.

In 2012, IDC underwent evolutions in its infrastructure that enabled increasing capacity and availability. Actions were also taken to improve the energetic efficiency and to expand the hosting area, which enabled releasing space to meet new requests to join the service.
RNP provides space, network point and physical, electrical and logical infrastructure to house clients´ equipment with security and high availability, in addition to service and band monitoring according to established service level agreement (SLA).

Configuration, administration and update of the applications and the services are under the client´s responsibility, as well as the provision of rack equipment, software, licenses, tax receipts and application of the due security updates deemed necessary.




RNP IDC is located in a 600 m² area, with air conditioning, security and fire detection systems. There are standard 19 ”racks and it can host clients´ equipment in the colocation modality in space from 2U to 44U, depending on the need, providing an access port (interface in switching equipment) to the high-speed education and research network.
Check out other advantages:
•    Electric power: to guarantee the safety of the machines and the stability of the services offered without interruption, the space is equipped with nobreaks operating in a redundant parallel system at 50% of the rated capacity, in addition to 360 KVA generator set with 10 hours autonomy (1,000 liters), switched per floor.
•    Cooling: the cooling system assures uninterrupted air conditioning with redundancy.
•    Temperature and humidity control: temperature and humidity are controlled by sensors, with permanent measuring and monitoring.
•    Fire prevention: the fire detection and prevention system includes non-destructive, quick-action, directed fire detectors and extinguishers (FM 200 - HFC 227 ea).
•    Security, monitoring and control: RNP IDC is provided with a security system that includes controlled and restricted access to previously registered and authorized personnel, closed circuit TV and biometric identification.
•    Certified cabling: Systmax GigaSPEED XL (Category 6), enabling up to 1 Gb/s UTP connections.
•    Monitoring of service availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, with call opening and notification to the responsible people indicated by the client, according to established roster and service level agreement (SLA);
•    Band monitoring per client;
•    Detailed information about services and generation of real-time reports;
•    Permanent contact with the specialized team of RNP IDC Operations Center;
•    Establishment of VLANs per client;
•    Firewall customized according to the client´s needs;
•    Intruder detection system (IDS), verifying attack attempts and enabling corrective actions to be taken;
•    Monthly security audit generated by RNP Security Incident Response Center (CAIS);
•    Availability of an access port on switch equipment with possibility for speeds above 100 Mb/s;
•    Strategic point of the RNP (Ipê network) education and research backbone, with meeting of multigigabit interstate links.