Manage computer resources in a scalable way, with agility and availability.



Know the service

Compute@RNP is a service that provides cloud computing resources to provide a multi-tenant block storage and data processing platform by means of virtual machine instance(s), providing exemption from operating Information technology assets, keeping governance and control of the computing environment provided to the users, and enabling reduction in the financial investment. 

The service is based on the CloudStack free software and the stable version is used by RNP, which works as service presentation layer, i.e. web portal, where the users interact to create their virtual instances from any type of device with Internet connection.


Why do I need Compute?

With Compute@RNP, you can create and manage:
•    Virtual machine instances that support multiple operating systems;
•    Virtual networks and network services, such as firewall, load balancing and others;
•    Virtual disks for storage of raw data;
•    Projects, considering that it is possible to share resources among the service users;
•    Own templates, and using those provided by the service;

Compute@RNP also enables:
•    Creating affinity groups to increase the failure tolerance of the virtual machines within the service;
•    Interacting and using the service by means of the web portal, API and CLI (Cloudmonkey);
•    Changing the hardware characteristics of the on-demand virtual machine.


How to take Compute to my institution?

For additional information about Compute membership or support, contact the RNP Service Desk or complete the following form.

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