Take videoconference to your institution



Why do I need Videoconference?

The service provides virtual rooms that enable meetings between participants, who are in different locations, saving time and financial resources. The interconnection of two or more videoconference rooms, also known as CODEC or endpoint, is done in an equipment unit called Multipoint Control Unit (MCU). RNP keeps a set of this equipment with large capacity and high availability for use by its client institutions, relieving them from the burden to acquire and maintain their own infrastructure and specialized team to operate.



The main benefits of using videoconference are the agility to make decision enabling productivity increase and saving time and financial resources by eliminating the need to travel. This service has been widely used in the qualifications and defenses (theses and dissertations) of master´s and doctor´s degrees of the higher education institutions.

Other advantages:
•    Possibility to record the meeting;
•    Possibility of live streaming;
•    Participation from personal computer, mobile device or telephone terminal (land line or mobile);
•    Videoconference in high definition (HD), if the endpoints of the client institution support that.


How to take Videoconference to my institution?

The person designated by the institution at RNP shall request adherence to the Service Desk.

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