Why do I need Videoaula?

Institutions that adhere to the [email protected] service enable their teachers to increase the educational content by creating more attractive and interactive video lessons.



More and more, teachers need to dispute the students' attention with stimuli that come from all sides, and dynamic with interactive video lessons are weapons that help them win this battle.
•    Content that integrates different types of media: video, audio, script, slides, animations, hyperlinks and support files.
•    Access to the educational materials produced by the client institutions is free and there is no charge.
•    Creation, storage and distribution of content in one service only.


How to take [email protected] to my institution?

The adherence process is open to all RNP client institutions, which have a specific project related to production and disclosure of video classes, considering that it is necessary to follow the following steps: the IT manager must read and agree with the Use Policy, afterwards, he/she must request adherence to the Service Desk to e-mail [email protected] The request will be evaluated according to the availability of the computational resources required for the client service. The institution shall have the human and the technical resources necessary to provide local support to its users available. In addition, the following is necessary:
•    To have a computer with Windows or Linux operating system and internet connection for script production, construction of material and synchronization of all media;
•   To use the video editing and publishing program provided by RNP, RIOComposerWeb, and know the User Guide;
•    It is indicated to have minimum infrastructure for video classes production, which requires a video and audio recording system.


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