Why do I need [email protected]?

The [email protected] service goes far beyond the features of a video repository, opening up a range of possibilities for the identified users of the institutions, which use it.



•    Post videos in different formats;
•    Associate additional content, such as files and links, with the posted videos;
•    Create playlist of favorite videos;
•    Recommend a video by e-mail or through social networks;
•    View videos in full screen;
•    View videos from mobile devices;
•    Perform advanced searches;
•    Video on demand: allows the user to view, search or post videos;
•    Live video streaming: allows the user to schedule event live streaming;
•    TV signal transmission: allows TV stations to broadcast their channels over the network;
•    Integration with [email protected] and the café federation, allowing to search and retrieve the video classes posted in the [email protected] service and authenticate in the portal using the same login and password of your institution, through CAFe.


How to take [email protected] to my institution?

[email protected] is governed by a Use Policy that must be checked for the IT manager of the user institution to know what to expect and not from the service and what the legal attributions of such use are. Although the portal is publicly accessible, publication of videos is restricted to institutions that submit specific projects to RNP. Once approved, the institutions (with identified users) will be independent to post content and consequently, undertaking liability for their copyright. If your institution is not yet authorized to post videos on [email protected] and would like to do so, please submit the request to RNP Service Desk by e-mail [email protected]

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