TAKE Web Conference to Your Institution

Gather collaborators on a specific project, idea or job with easy scheduling and invitation sending system.


Why do I need Web Conference?

If you participate in a group with geographically distributed people, whether in the same city, country, or the world, Web Conference can help you get closer to them enabling you to interact using audio, video, and a lot of other features that help in the collaborative work. In this context, the service is an important tool in activities of research groups, team meetings, webinars, training, etc. 



The main benefit of the service is the facility to bring people together virtually, near or far from each other, anytime and with a minimum resources required. Thus, you can speed processes up, increase productivity and facilitate the communication in your institution.

Other advantages:
•    Audio sharing;
•    Video sharing by webcam;
•    Simultaneous visualization of the same file; 
•    Online view of a remote computer screen; 
•    Public or private chat.


How to bring Web Conference to your institution?

All institutions, which are RNP clients and are part of CAFe can request access to the service to the Service Desk by email Just fulfill the use release formality defined by the IT manager. Upon release to use, the institution controls the access to the service. It is important to point out that the end-user support must be provided by the client institution itself. RNP offers adequate training to the technical representatives of each institution, in addition to second-level support for these professionals.

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