Make experiments in authorization and digital certification.



Prepare your environment for the CAFe federation

GIdLab is a service that offers different authentication and authorization and public key infrastructures.

The virtual environment is aimed at Brazilian researchers interested in conducting their identity management and access control experiments. To date, more than 50 projects of research group related to university have used the service.


Why do I need GidLab?

GIdLab provides researchers with an academic federation for tests, CAFe Expresso. Created within the Federated Academic Community, the goal is to provide a complete environment with identity and service providers, according to the Shibboleth framework.

In this environment, the researchers can test their services and other prototypes related to authentication and authorization infrastructures. In addition, ready-to-use virtual machines are available for download so developers can install such infrastructures more easily.

In addition to CAFe Expresso, other technologies offered for experimentation are simpleSAMLphp federation, OpenIdConnect environment and a testbed for the eduroam service.



How to access?

The interested researchers shall complete a form to register their experimentation project. The GidLab team will create access accounts and, when necessary, assist in the execution of the experiments. The researchers will have access to the services and GIdLab virtual machines, if necessary.

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