The RNP provides training, professional development and dissemination of information and communication technologies (ICT), on behalf of the evolution and permanent expansion of the country's high-speed network. With this purpose, in 2005 was created the Networks School (ESR), which makes available a wide range of courses, divided into seven thematic axes: Network Administration and Project, IT Governance, Security, Digital Collaboration Support Media, Systems Administration, Identity Management and Systems Development.

The ESR has trained more than 20 thousand professionals throughout Brazil, in its eight units located in different Brazilian capitals. The classes are taught in laboratories connected directly to the backbone of RNP and have the support of a highly qualified instructor team. Its methodology emphasizes a practical teaching approach and the contents reflect the challenges of the professionals who work in the area. In addition to the on-site classes, they also offer distributed and in-company classes.

The RNP training unit also supports the SCI - Training and Integration System Program, offering fast and unprecedented courses in ICT, focused on the immediate needs of its Points of Presence and its client and partner institutions.

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