Security Education and Awareness

RNP promotes, through CAIS, actions to increase dissemination of safety culture in the academic environment, such as events, educational materials and courses in information security.


Security Month

RNP promotes yearly the Security Month in Brazil and Latin America, encouraging institutions to organize local security awareness actions. For such, it offers guidelines for conducting campaigns and activities, in addition to educational materials and disclosure of activities.

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DISI – International Computer Security Day

Promoted since 2005 by RNP, the International Computer Security Day (ICSD) is an event that gathers, on a yearly basis, experts on the subject to share their knowledge and raise Internet users’ awareness of security in computerized environments.

DISI’s target audience is the end user, but students and professionals are always welcome, especially when it comes to spreading safety culture on their organizations.

The lectures are free, open to the public upon registration and broadcast live through the event’s website.

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RNP has a great interest in helping to create and develop academic CSIRTs, as well as to establish a partnership and achievements together. For this, it promotes, on a yearly basis, the Meeting of Academic CSIRTs, which happens during RNP’s Training and Innovation Week (TIW), where lectures and panels that seek to improve the treatment of the subject of safety in academic network are performed.


CAIS notifies about vulnerabilities and most relevant failures. It also presents a summary of the statistics of the handling of incidents, alerts and quarterly news about safety.

The alert list is available in Portuguese.