IP Addresses

Blocks allocation

RNP registers IP blocks of the Ipê network for the user institutions qualified by its Managing Committee of the Inter-ministerial Program (PI-RNP). The IP block allocation request is made through a form available at RNP’s extranet, at the last stage of the user institutions’ qualification process.

The IPv6 blocks and new IPv4 blocks allocation requests must be sent by the technical contacts of the user institutions to registro@rnp.br, including a detailed description of the needs and justifications for the request.

IP block allocation policy

In the context of shortage of IPv4 blocks, RNP decided that blocks will be allocated up to a maximum / 22 (1022 addressable hosts), every six months, after justification of the imminent need. The measure complies with the policies issued by LACNIC  and NIC.br.

For all allocation of IPv4 blocks, IPv6 blocks will be allocated a / 48 per campus. New IPv6 blocks can be requested at any time by the user organizations if necessary.


Consult the IP blocks of users institutions of the national academic network managed by RNP.

Looking Glass

Consult the routing (BGP protocol) and scope and reply time tests (ping and traceroute) in the Brazilian academic network.