How to connect

The first step for the organization to be connected to the Ipê network is to know the Use Policy, to check if it fits the network’s terms of use. The second step is for your IT manager to get in touch with the administrative or technical department of the Points of Presence (PoP) of RNP located at the same state as the institution’s headquarters. The applicant shall obtain from the PoP all information and instructions needed to request its qualification as an user institution of the Ipê network.

All organizations interested in connecting to the Ipê network and, consequently, in making use of the RNP’s network services, shall have their request to qualify as a user assessed and approved by the Qualification Assessment Committee (CAQ), made up by members of the Managing Committee of the Inter-ministerial Program RNP (PI-RNP), pursuant to criteria set in the network’s Use Policy.

There are three categories of user organizations: primary, secondary and temporary.

  • Primary Users — this category includes the research units of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), federal higher education institutions and agencies from Ministry of Education (MEC) and MCTI;
  • Secondary users — this category includes higher education and research institutions that are not classified as primary users, such as museums, libraries, hospitals and other organizations that collaborate in permanent education or research activities with primary user institutions;
  • Temporary users — this category includes institutions not classified under the previous categories, which collaborate in temporary activities with primary and/or secondary users in transitory projects.

Consulting the institutions connected to the Ipê network (available only in Portuguese)

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