Universities perform SIGs (Special Interest Groups) through videoconference serviceVideoconference service makes available “virtual rooms” allowing meetings between participants geographically away from each other. The interconnection of two or more videoconference rooms, also known as CODEC or endpoint, is performed on a device called Multipoint Control Unit (MCU). RNP maintains a set of such equipment with large capacity and high availability for use of its customer institutions, exempting them from the burden of purchasing and maintaining their own infrastructure and specialized team to operate.

Virtual rooms must be previously schedule, in order to ensure availability of such computer resources. Also, it is possible to record the meetings and live stream them. If the endpoints of your institutions are able to support it, is possible to hold videoconferencing in high definition (HD). In addition, the service has connection with the telephone network, allowing participation from conventional, fixed or mobile telephone terminals.

The main benefits of using this service is speedy for decision-making, enabling productivity increase, time and money saving, since it reduces the need for traveling. This service has been used in qualifications and defenses (theses and dissertations) of Master’s and PhD degree of the higher education institutions.

Videoconferences from a personal computer 

The service has a software that allows videoconferences realization from a personal computer and it does not require a traditional CODEC, but a headphone, microphone, camera and be in agreement with the requests from RNP. This software also supports smartphones and tablets. For more information, contact the RNP Service Desk (

How to use the service?

All institutions accredited by RNP can request access to service. The only request is to comply with Use Policy (in Portuguese).

The service use shall be requested by manager appointed by the top manager of the institution during the accreditation process. It is necessary to contact Service Desk of RNP, through e-mail or telephone 0800 722 0216, to create an account. Thus, the users will be able to perform the scheduling of multipoint virtual rooms, through scheduling system.

It is worth to note that the final user support shall be offered by the very customer institution. RNP offers proper training to technical representatives of each institution, in addition to second level support to these employees.