Video on Demand

Video on Demand is the service of audiovisual content availability and storage through a Vídeo@RNP web portal, which also integrates the Live Video Transmission and TV Signal Transmission services. More than an environment for videos availability and viewing, with a friendly interface and distributed server infrastructure that optimizes access all over Brazil, it offers high quality audiovisual content produced by the academic community and RNP partner institutions.


The portal that hosts the Video on Demand service, Vídeo@RNP, was submitted to a series of improvements regarding its infrastructure and presents many new functions, such as:

  • Support in mobile devices and in different codecs and video formats;
  • Video exhibition in full screen (Flash and HTML5), meeting the main current industry-standard;
  • Federated authentication via CAFe, allowing easy access for all federation users;
  • Advanced search facilities and numerous filters to refine it;
  • Support in the publication of highlights (news and content), in the recommendation via e-mail and social networks, as well as comments, playlist and favorite videos;
  • Possibility of import videos from external repositories;
  • Support in association of added content to the videos, such as files and links;
  • Search and recovery of the Videoclass@RNP service content.
  • Support in reports, making a larger environment of management analysis, integrated to the portal.


RNP established agreements with the portals, of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (Comitê Gestor da Internet no Brasil -, and with IPTV USP, of the University of São Paulo. These agreements allowed the crossed indexing of these portals' respective content, and thus, it starts to make them available on the Vídeo@RNP portal.

How to subscribe

If your institution have a project that is in accordance with the Use Policy (in Portuguese), follow the subscriptions on the User’s Guide (in Portuguese) and request the RNP Service Desk via e-mail on or by phone on (55 61) 3243-4330.

Although the portal is publicly accessible, the posting of videos is restricted to institutions that submit specific projects to RNP. Once approved, the institutions (with identified users) start to have access to for publishing content on the portal, responding accordingly by their copyright.