TV Signal Transmission

Throughout the Ipê network, RNP provides a specific server infrastructure of digital content distribution for advanced video services. One of them is the TV Signal Transmission, which makes available on the internet the TV stations signal that participate or have partnership with RNP and a relevant content to the academic community, such as the Health Channel, the University TVs, among others. 

Through this distribution infrastructure, called Digital Video Network (Rede de Vídeo Digital - RVD), the stations may broadcast the content of their schedules via streaming without the need for large equipment, saving in band and reducing the access time.

Thus, the service contemplates only the transmission of a pre-existing TV signal. Therefore, it is not an infrastructure for a TV programming creation on internet or coding the TV signal to digital format.

How it works

The service is deployed in the following manner: a computer connected to the internet codes the TV station signal and distributes it via web from a Digital Video Network (RVD). The server equipment that compose this network are called reflectors, because they act as repeaters of the video being broadcasted.

In 2012, a project to update software infrastructure enabled the local server amount extension of the TV Signal Transmission service and consequently the capacity derived in simultaneous accesses to RNP backbone or outside it. The same work brought the incorporation of new security features that allow greater control over the trafficked content.

How to subscribe

The membership process is done through the signing of the Cooperation Agreement between the institution to which the TV station is bound and RNP. Created specifically for this purpose, the document formalizes the responsibilities and each party scope of work.

Besides the administrative aspect, it is necessary that the client institution makes available an infrastructure for capturing and streaming broadcast managed and operated by it, and that usually requires providing the following items:

  • A computer connected to the internet with a fixed IP address and software capable of performing coding and the digital TV signal transmission;
  • A connection to the internet with enough upload bandwidth to handle the video broadcasting;
  • Release the door being used for the streaming transmission, on the local firewall.

To request accession to the service, the institution must be in accordance with the service’s Use Policy (in Portuguese) and contact RNP Service Desk at or by phone on (55 61) 3243-4330.

Available channels