Federal Internet Exchange (FIX)


Located in Brasilia, the Federal Internet Exchange (Ponto Federal de Interconexão de Redes - FIX) is a service managed and operated by RNP, responsible for the interconnection between the networks that make up the Brazilian internet. Shortening the ways amongst origin and destination networks, it allows navigation to be effective among government, business and education and research sites, resulting in better performance and quality to its clients and preventing each of these networks to need to look separately for arrangements to perform data exchange (peering).

The service was created in 2002, to serve as an Internet Exchange Point (PTT) and to enable access to other sites outside of the academic network. In 2004, FIX became part of the PTTMetro of the Internet Management Committee in Brazil (PTTMetro do Comitê Gestor da Internet no Brasil - project and constituted itself as the Central Access Point (PIX) of the Brasilia’s PTTMetro. Currently, in addition to FIX, the Serpro, Telebras, GVT and Oi PIXs are integral parts of the capital’s PTTMetro, all connected to FIX.

How to subscribe

There is no cost for joining FIX, but the institutions wishing to connect to it must comply with the rules bellow and fulfill the Letter of Intent (in Portuguese):

  • The network must have their own CIDR block (IP addresses) and be an autonomous system (ASN);
  • The institution must have dedicated and permanent access to the global internet;
  • Need to invest only to take its network to the point or allocate other infrastructure, to establish the connection to FIX;
  • There is no network limits to joint to FIX.

Client institutions

Additionally to RNP, FIX serves the following client institutions:

  • Intelig Telecom 
  • Global Village Telecom (GVT) 
  • Departamento de Polícia Federal (DPF) 
  • Dataprev 
  • NET 
  • Senado Federal (Prodasen) 
  • CTBC 
  • PS5 Internet 
  • G8 Networks 
  • YAWL Internet 
  • Telebras 
  • A&G 
  • Commcorp Telecomunicações 
  • OBTI 
  • SouthTech Telecom 
  • Click Net Brasil 
  • 7CON
  • ABC Wifi
  • Zumpa
  • Jupiter
  • Logtel
  • WebFoco