Advanced Services

The services provided by RNP reach more than 1200 user organizations and are the result of innovation and prospecting processes. They arise from the analysis of trends and scenarios in partners such as the academy, the business sector and the major worldwide education and research networks aiming to facilitate and promote communication, collaboration from a distance and the knowledge dissemination. 

Internationally, RNP actively participates in the development of several initiatives in partnership with GÉANT (Pan-European Research Gigabit Network / Rede Gigabit de Pesquisa Paneuropeia), TERENA (Trans-European Research and Education Network / Rede Transeuropeia de Ensino e Pesquisa), RedCLARA (Latin American Advanced Networks Cooperation / Cooperação Latino-Americana de Redes Avançadas) e and the North American Internet2. The exchange of experiences provided by these interactions improves, evolves and expands RNP range of services.

All organizations that use RNP services may adhere to the services offered, provided they meet the requirements demanded. Some ask professionals with expertise to carry out the operation and management of local infrastructure, and an internet connection with suitable capacity to support the resulting traffic demand. The accession process is generally composed of an administrative stage and a technical one.

RNP Services Catalog

The information about the services offered by RNP for its user organizations and communities of special customers are consolidated within the Services Catalog classified by the following subjects: Communication and Collaboration, Digital Content Availability, Identity Management, Strategic Hosting and Support for Academic Network.

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Use can learn more details about the services provided by RNP accessing the Services Catalogue.

Map of advanced services