In support of the education and research community, RNP conducts the Webinar "Developing the culture of privacy in the RNP System"

RNP held, yesterday afternoon (9/13), the webinar “Developing the culture of privacy in the RNP System”, with the presence of the director of the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD), Miriam Wimmer. The event had 239 participants and discussed topics related to data protection, as well as the role of ANPD and RNP in adapting institutions to the General Data Protection Law (LGPD).

Data is at the heart of business and strategy, and it has become valuable assets in a digitized economy. That is what the director general of RNP, Nelson Simões, says. As an introduction to the event, he highlighted the importance of establishing a culture of personal data protection in companies and institutions. “Data doesn't just require our attention, it requires our care. In addition to designing and planning safe systems, we need to certify safe use”, he clarified.

According to the event's speaker, Miriam Wimmer, laws such as the LGPD are a global trend: more than 130 countries already have legislation focused on privacy. In Brazil, LGPD sanctions came into force on 8/1 of this year, and according to Miriam, two factors were essential for the adherence of civil society, academia and the business sector to the creation of the law.

“There is a growing realization that personal data is a projection of the human personality and therefore needs to be protected as it circulates at incredible speed in our economy, society and government. The idea of using new technologies, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, among others, began to make clear the need to protect the data subject. Furthermore, the economic importance of data becomes more and more evident. There is no doubt that they are also an economic input”, she reported.

The guest also spoke about the ANPD's role in ensuring privacy and secure flows of personal data. According to her, the idea is that the agency's performance in relation to the adaptation of institutions to the LGPD is responsive and gradual, with dialogue and cooperation.

Then, the deputy director of Cybersecurity at RNP, Emilio Nakamura, explained the work fronts of the LGPD Program for the RNP System. The program offers methodological, consultative and educational support in order to assist institutions in the necessary actions to comply with the law already in force.

The RNP Method involves the main activities for adequacy, including dissemination of the culture of privacy, preparation, mapping of data and risks, implementation and adequacy, data security and protection and privacy governance program.

“The method is very important because it takes into account the characteristics of organizations in the RNP system and also the fact that there are institutions at different stages of adequacy”, said Emílio.

Learn more about the RNP Method.

At the end of the event, moderator Michelle Wangham conducted a question and answer session. Guests were able to take advantage of the moment to clarify their doubts and also leave their suggestions and compliments.

To access the broadcast, access RNP's YouTube channel.