RNP launches program to promote secrecy of telephone calls

Do you have great knowledge about information security and cryptography? Then help RNP find solutions that promote the secrecy of their voice over IP service, the fone@RNP. The organization has invited professionals and their institutions to present their solutions. Projects must be submitted by August 30 to the e-mail sd@rnp.br.

This program focuses on selecting the best proposals, which will be presented by their authors at the meeting of the Communication and Collaboration Special Interest Group (SIG) on September 27. The meeting will be held remotely, by the RNP Web Conference service. This SIG is part of the new RNP Training and Integration System (SCI) and was created for the training of IT technicians and networks of institutions served by the academic network.

“There are four 30-minute presentations plus 20 minutes for discussion. However, this number may change depending on the offer of articles”, informed RNP VoIP specialist Alex Galhano.

The fone@RNP has security solutions such as authenticated access to any activity, differentiated profiles, audit logs and internal firewall. However, regarding the secrecy of calls, the service offers security equivalent to traditional telephony, that is, it has not yet incorporated encryption solutions.

Among the main motivations for the launch of the program are the sensitive information brought to the public by former CIA agent Edward Snowden, who worried the Brazilian government and set off a series of actions to improve information security in the country. One of the initiatives was the publication of Decree-Law 8135 of November 4, 2013, which requires national institutions to take measures to maintain the confidentiality of information.

According to Alex Galhano, in this context, also grew concerns about information about research conducted in universities and research units. “Most of these institutions are RNP clients and use the fone@RNP. Of course, there were also requests for the inclusion of encryption for the talks and for the signaling in the service”, he pointed.

Click here to access the complete document for this program and learn more about the fone@RNP service, the submission template, the initiative timeline, and more.