RedCLARA launches contest to redesign its brand

The Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks (RedCLARA), which interconnects the Latin American academic networks, launched on December 11th a contest to redesign its logo. The winning proposal will be used as the organization’s corporate image in all its print material, websites, advertisements, as well as other media.

The call is made to the academic community, individuals, specialized companies, and any group of partner institutions of the networks that are RedCLARA members, except for people directly connected to the organization or to the Evaluation Committee members.

The interested parties must send their proposals until 19/2/2018, to sends e-mail), specifying in the subject ‘Concurso logotipo RedCLARA’ (RedCLARA logo contest). When the deadline for submission is over, each one of them will be reviewed by the Evaluation Committee, who will chose the winning logo. The result should be announced in March.

The winning proposal will win an 12.9-inch  iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil. The author will also receive a certificate with the proper recognition and corresponding credits as the designer of the RedCLARA logo, through an article to be published on the network website and on its social media.

For further information on the contest, access the public notice.

Source: RedCLARA