Partnership between RNP and Ancine enables disclosure of monthly data of national content for cable TV channels

In the last week, Ancine released the first consolidated data of the Cable TV Monitoring. It is a detailed monitoring the agency makes on the programming of the different cable TV channels in Brazil, to check compliance with the national programming quotas, but also to monitor the programming and advertisement trends. The survey is made based on data extracted from the Programming Monitoring System of the Conditioned Access Service (MP-SeAC), developed by the RNP for Ancine, and fully operational.

The spreadsheets form a huge database that the agency will use to publish the reports in monthly statements, and to be grossly released to the market in the Audio-visual Observatory (OCA).

The data released by Ancine correspond to 2016, and with it, it is possible to have an idea of the main programming features of cable TV. According to Ancine numbers, from the total hours screened on the 90 channels compiled (Ancine considers HD and SD channels as one channel when programming is the same), 72% of the prime time programming is foreign content, 13.4% is Brazilian content (9.7% independent and 3.7% not independent), 11.1% advertisement, and 3.4% other types of programming.

One of the main innovations in the Ancine survey is that the granularity of the information provides a list of most aired programmes. In the period disclosed, the Multishow show ‘Vai que Cola’ represented 51 hours and 35 minutes, and was the main non-independent program. As for the HBO show ‘HQ – Edição Especial’ was the second one most aired, with 39 hours and 2 minutes from January to November 2016. The data also allowed to measure the volume of repetitions of the same show, for example, and they can be searched and sorted by type of production, channel, rating, etc.

It is also possible to extract the ranking of channels with most hours of Brazilian content during prime time. In November 2016, Multishow, Viva and GNT, all Globosat channels, were the top three, followed by Discovery Home & Health, Fox 1, A&E and Telecine Touch. Ancine also compiled, from the survey, the channels with more and less advertising. Among the ones with less advertising, in the analysis of November 2016, the channels that stood out were Discovery Science, Discovery Theatre HD, Discovery Civilization, HBO Plus and TNT.

According to the interim president of Ancine, Débora Ivanov, the agency assesses the results as positive since the channels are complying with their obligations to air Brazilian content in percentage significantly above the quotas provided by the Law 12.485/2011. "During prime time, the airing is 60% above the quota, and in children’s channels, it is up to 93% above the quota percentage, especially with cartoons. This shows that there is demand and audience for national content on Brazilian cable TV ", highlighted the president.

She explained that this data are crossed with data extracted from the monitoring Ancine does of what was effectively broadcasted (recording of channels), for purposes of inspections, and in the future, Ancine also intends to cross these data with the audience data measured by Ibope, for example.

"We did not think of setting targets for the Brazilian content to use more space, but obviously, we want an expansion, and the survey will define our policies”, clarified Ivanov. Another use for the survey is measuring the effectiveness of the investments in promotions made in productions for TV. Ancine still does not monitor on-demand and pay-per-view content.

"It is part of RNP goals to contribute to the modelling and development of innovative solutions, with the intensive use of Information and Communication Technologies for the area of Culture, supporting the respective public policies. In this case, it will be possible to value national contents and their producers, in an integrated way to the needs of Ancine”, highlighted RNP’s Solutions deputy director, Antônio Carlos Fernandes Nunes.

The complete data is available on


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