Networked Cinemas opens a schedule in 2019 with film ‘Baronesa’

In the first half of 2019, the Networked Cinemas will have a special schedule completely dedicated to the women who study cinema in the country. To open the works, the film “Baronesa” will be screened on Thursday, March 21, at 7 PM, by the debutant director Juliana Antunes, who will participate in a debate after the exhibition.

The feature film shows the daily life of two neighbors and friends that live in the outskirts of Belo Horizonte. On one side, Andreia starts to build her home to move in. On the other side, Leid and her children are waiting for the husband, who is in jail. There is a common need to escape from the dangers of the trafficking war and the strategy to avoid the tragedies brought as a result. 

“When I moved to Belo Horizonte, I had received the following recommendation: I could take almost all blue bus, but I should not take the red line. I started to search more about the neighborhoods, their history and, finally, get on the bus in order to know one by one. The years went by and the interest of making such an experience in a film was consolidated as a documentary in the university. I returned to the neighborhoods looking for women who were interested in participating in a film using a classic approach method: I went out with two other friends (Marcela Santos and Giselle Ferreira) posting signs on the streets with the words: Looking for women interested in making a film", says the director Juliana. 

The film has already been screened and awarded in several film festivals in Brazil and around the world, such as Austria, France, Germany, Spain, and South Korea, among others.

The event is another edition of Networked Cinemas, an initiative that connects cinemas and exhibitors from the federal institutions of education, science, and culture to RNP, creating a national circuit for Brazilian audiovisual production.


Film: Baronesa;
Date: March 21;
Time: 7 PM

Debate with the director, Juliana Antunes, after the exhibition.

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