More agility, safety, and economy: Institutions go through a process to deploy the Digital Diploma

- 24/06/2021

The days of paper piles on the tables of Higher Education Institutions (HEIS) are numbered! A new initiative that the Minister of Education, Milton Ribeiro, characterized as a "new era of innovation and digital transformation" in education, the Digital Diploma, is one of the solutions developed by the National Education and Research Network (RNP) that promise to modernize the processes for issuing documents and eliminate the need for issuing and archiving paper documents, with more security, agility, and less bureaucracy and costs.

By the end of 2021, all of the HEI of the federal system should generate undergraduate diplomas digitally. In the behind the scenes, from the transition up until the ideal near future ideal, 96 institutions are completing the deployment process with RNP, which provides support materials, training, and Q&A meetings; develops a signature verifier, and is responsible for controlling the adoption of the service by HEI.

Control panel:

In December 2020, the creation of the Digital Diploma Issuing Service and the National Validation Portal by the Ministry of Education (MEC) marked the start of the transition process of all federal Technical and Technological Education universities and institutions, which must adapt and integrate their academic systems to the solution. Led by RNP, the process of implementation was funded by the MEC. Another delivery by RNP to the Ministry was the development of two electronic environments: the National Validation Portal, for storage, lookup, and digital authentication of digital diplomas issued by the HEI and integrated into the solution; and the Portal for Viewing Academic Histories.

Why use the Digital Diploma?

The solution developed by RNP and funded by MEC allows generating, recording, authenticating, and preserving the digital version of academic diplomas in compliance with the regulations of the Ministry and recorded on blockchain.

More agility
Part of a digital revolution program for education in Brazil, the Digital Diploma aims to modernize the processes for registration and issuing of undergraduate diplomas and eliminate the need for issuing and archiving paper documents. In less time, the digital document arrives at the "hands" of the students, who can access their diplomas online, with more ease to lookup, load, and make use of it in general.

More savings
Contracted at a large scale for all HEI by the Ministry of Education, the solution will generate savings to public coffers and presents lower costs to generate the digital diplomas in comparison to the printed versions.

More Security
The digital diplomas registered on blockchain come with a digital certificate with security controls, such as the digital ICP Brazil signature and a time stamp. With these technologies applied, the authenticity of the diplomas is ensured, and the integrity and interoperability of the data are guaranteed. It is simple to look up the documents generated, which certifies the legitimacy, prevents tampering, minimizes fraud, and provides greater transparency. Once issued, the digital diploma is stored safely in multiple copies in repositories synchronized for digital preservation, at the issuing institution and in the cloud repository of MEC.

What do the institutions say about the solution? 

If your institution still has not adopted the Digital Diploma, contact us at to deploy the solution at your HEI.