ESR offers workshop on Scrum methodology at WTICIFES 2018

Through the Networks School (ESR), 35 IT managers from federal institutions of higher education (Ifes) from all over the country participated in the workshop 'Scrum Fundamentals: Introduction to Agile Methods', at the WTICIFES 2018, in Foz do Iguaçu (PR). The eight-hour mini-course was aimed at presenting the concept, philosophy and use of the tool in the execution of projects, through theoretical knowledge and practical activities.

Scrum is an agile project management methodology that, although designed to facilitate software development, has had its application expanded to projects in general. For the ESR professor, Rodrigo Costa, responsible for giving the workshop at the event, knowledge of the methodology is important due to the challenges with the nature of the project definition. "Agile methods do not replace traditional methodologies but exist to complement them. The structure proposed by Scrum enables the team to achieve greater clarity from the initial stages, from what should be done during the execution of complex projects", he explained.

As the time available for the workshop presentation at the XII WTICIFES was less than the normal length of ESR courses, there was a concern to adapt its contents to the limited time without losing quality. According to the NTI/UFAC director and coordinator of the event, Edvandro Reckziegel, despite the reduced hours of the workshop, students’ feedback was positive, especially in relation to the content and didactics used. In addition, Edvandro emphasized the efforts of the ESR/RNP to provide the course, since it is different from those it usually offers. "I think it was a positive experience, which becomes a reference for the realization of new mini-courses in other similar events", concluded Edvandro.

One of the course participants was the Information Technology analyst at the University of Alagoas, Italo Silva. For him, the knowledge covered in the workshop serves to perfect and streamline the process of developing and delivering projects. "We work with a small team, and this knowledge serves to give projects agility. The course offered dynamic activities and it was extremely important for the exchange of experience among professionals in the area", he said.


The Information and Communication Technology Workshop of the Federal Institutions of Higher Education in Brazil (WTICIFES) is an annual meeting held to stimulate the exchange of knowledge among IT professionals. This year, the event reached its 12th edition and its theme was 'The strategic role of IT in Education, Research and Extension'. About 150 people, including deans, vice-deans and ICT specialists from the Federal Institutions, participated in the event, which happens since 2006. During the four-day event, workshops, debates and lectures were held to encourage inter-institutional exchange of experiences and solutions for the implementation of ICT as an instrument for the advancement of all institutions.

Image credits: WTICIFES 2018