Ceremony celebrates cooperation between two countries

On December 15th, the auditorium of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Communications (MCTIC) hosted the ceremony for certificate delivery of the Networks School (ESR) to Mozambican students who are IT instructors and technicians in their countries. The initiative is one of the deliveries from the cooperation between the Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (RNP) and its akin in Mozambique, MoRENet.

“We are celebrating five years of cooperation. On this path, it was very smart to choose the axis of governance, qualification of human resources in ICT (Information and Communication Technology), and the technical-operational exchange. Currently, MoRENet is a vibrant reality, which takes the internet to 59 universities, 33 investigation centres, in addition to technical schools”, said RNP’s general-director, Nelson Simões.

“We left with our baggage full, aware of what we must continue to do”, said the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Higher and Professional Technical Education (MCTESTP) in the African country, Celso Laice. “But it is not enough to have the best technology, we need the right men and women. You, by doing your job, represent the agents of the change we are building”, said Laice to the graduates.

For the representative of the 24-student class, Nelio Manuel Duvane, the group is “rich in theoretical and practical knowledges”. “These three months have allowed us to absorb not only technical but social and cultural aspects as well. (...) We have completed ten from ESR’s 50 courses, focusing on free tools that will help us implement services in our country. We do not have enough words to say goodbye. We hope that the cooperation between the two countries lasts because every human being needs to learn!”, he completed.