Agreement between ESR and CompTIA strengthens the training of ICT professionals in Brazil

An agreement between the Networks School, RNP's training unit, and the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) unites the strategic goals of both institutions by allowing the association to add content, education technology and certifications to the Networks School courses, which will offer better structure in professional technical qualification. In addition, through this partnership, the Networks School will support CompTIA to expand its operations in Brazil.

The deputy director of the Networks School, Leandro Guimarães, highlights the partnership as an opportunity to update the portfolio of courses in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) market. "This union provides the Networks School the strength necessary to align its course portfolio without increasing the operating cost of this activity by our academic staff. CompTIA has a range of highly specialized professionals that will help us in this new path", highlights Guimarães.

The partnership will be essential to reduce gaps of positions that are not filled due to lack of qualified people. This is what CompTIA's Business Development manager in Brazil, Maurício Farias, points out. "We will contribute to the migration of professionals from obsolete areas to areas with high demand", he says.

The Networks School offers 50 technology courses, divided into seven segments of expertise. The purpose of cooperation between institutions is to develop a new learning path in cloud computing through Cloud Essentials and Cloud+ certifications. In the area of cybersecurity, the courses will be updated with full CompTIA Security+ training content. According to Farias, in November, Bootcamps will be held - immersive education programs focused on the most relevant skills of each IT specialization – aiming at contributing even more to the professional life of those who specialize through the Networks School.