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Why do I need edudrive?

In general, cloud file sharing and synchronization services store your documents in overseas storages. These servers and the data stored there are governed by the laws of the countries, where they are situated, in addition, access latency might become a major issue, once it is necessary the data to be sent to other continents. Another disadvantage is related to the terms of use, because they can be changed freely and according to the companies´ interest. Finally, the use of cloud file sharing and synchronization services that host data outside of Brazil might affect the data privacy.

[email protected] is a genuinely national cloud data storage service, aimed primarily at teachers, researchers and administrative technicians. For this purpose, the platform is provided with servers in Brazil, in RNP's own data centers, and uses open code technologies.




[email protected] is developed in a controlled and secure environment. It uses Ipê Network infrastructure and RNP data centers situated on the national territory. In addition, the files stored in the service are replicated at least three times in storage nodes distributed in different geographic regions to ensure the information integrity and availability. In addition, [email protected] is offered in the Software-as-Service model, where you have full control on the setup of quota, type of file and others related to the users from your institution by means of a management portal.•    Flexible management;
•    Security;
•    Data privacy;
•    Open  code technologies;
•    Servers hosted in RNP data centers in Brazil.
Benefits of Smartphone or Tablet applications
•    Login using Auth2 + CAFe;
•    Access to all content synchronized with the service, including the waste bin;
•    Option for “Wifi only”. This option allows the user to choose whether to synchronize files in the mobile data network or not;
•    Automatic synchronization of image gallery;
•    TouchID support (Android and iOS)



How to take edudrive to my institution?

Use of [email protected] can be granted to all user institutions and to state agencies and education and research institutions with participation or partnership in projects together with RNP, provided that they comply with the requirements set forth in the Use Policy.

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