Take eduroam to your institution

Institutions that choose to be a part of the eduroam community provide their researchers, employees and students with access to thousands of connection points around the world, when they are traveling within their country or abroad.



In the world scenario of mobility, it is increasingly common for institutions to receive visiting researchers. And for the IT team, it can be a big headache to provide secure access to the local Wi-Fi network to each of these researchers.

Eduroam has low implementation and maintenance costs, in addition to:

  • Eliminate the need to provide temporary accounts to visiting users, who have eduroam at their institutions of origin;
  • Provide Wi-Fi in the campus for researchers to access quickly, easily and securely with no need to call the support team;
  • Provide single solution for all mobile devices of an institution;
  • Provide secure access because communication is encrypted.

What is missing for your institution to be part of eduroam?

To join eduroam, the institution must be in the Federated Academic Community (CAFe) and meet the technical specifications of eduroam.

The general adherence process comprehends the following steps:

  • The IT manager must read and agree with the Service Use Policy;
  • After this step, it is necessary to send the technical form completed and the designation of the person from the institution responsible for the service adhesion process to the RNP Service Desk.
  • After that, a technical approval process starts, which usually takes up to one month. 

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