Create your video lesson and make it available to the academic community.


Create your own educational content

Interactive classes that can hold students' attention, either to support remote studies or to reinforce in-person lessons. Creation, storage and distribution of this most attractive content is possible using a single service: Videoaula@RNP. The integrated system enables video classes to be made available on the web, which may contain different types of media, such as video, audio, script, slides, animations, hyperlinks and support files.


Where can I use the service?

The students can access Videoaula@RNP for free, anywhere, anytime. The content produced by the client institutions is freely accessible and can be found on the portal. To post a video lesson, your institution must have joined the service.


How to use the Videoaula?

Just enter portal and you will have almost a thousand video classes available, separated by areas of knowledge, categories, date of publication and number of views. You can also search to find the content you want faster.



Take Videoaula@RNP to your institution

The membership process is open to all RNP client institutions that have a specific project related to production and disclosure of video classes.

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