Make phone calls using the VoIP technology. 


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Fone@RNP is a service that allows you to make free and simple phone calls to other universities and research institutions.


Where can I use the fone@RNP?

If your education and research institution has already subscribed to the service in question, you already use it without even knowing, because its implementation is transparent and available at the institution's extensions.



How to access?

Contact your institution's IT manager to find out whether they have already joined fone@RNP. If so, you can already call free of charge to other institutions, which have already joined.

Find out how your institution can join fone@RNP



Why do I need fone@RNP

The main justification for educational and research institutions in Brazil to use fone@RNP has been the savings it generates in their telephone bills. By the way, savings which are quite significant given the high number of calls an institution needs to make both inside and outside its state. 
However, financial savings are not the only motivation because adhering to this VoIP service (voice over IP) ends up promoting digitalization of the telephone infrastructure of the client institution; thus, opening the way for technological upgrade projects that inevitably lead to overcoming the limits of the analog system.



Immediately after completing the adherence process, the institution starts saving from telephone calls that can be made to all education and research institutions in the country, which are part of the service collaborative network. Currently, this network has more than two hundred institutions in Brazil. 
fone@RNP enables you to make calls at zero cost to education and research institutions in the country, which are already part of the service collaborative network, in addition to enabling:
•    Zero cost calls to affiliated institutions abroad;
•    Transparent call forwarding; 
•    Digitalization of the local telephone infrastructure; 
•    Democratization in access to the service;
•    Transparent access with no need of user training.


How to take fone@RNP to my institution?

The use of fone@RNP is open to all RNP client institutions, provided that the technical pre-requirements of the service are met. The institution must also read and agree with the Service Use Policy and it must have already been accredited as a user. 
Adherence must be made by the IT manager of the institution at the RNP Service Desk.

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