Share large files among multiple users easily and securely.

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Need to transfer files?

FileSender@RNP is a system that makes it easy to send large files between network users by means of a web interface. Files are exchanged reliably, enabling the recipient to be sure who has sent them. There is also no risk to exceed mailbox limits, considering that the file is made available for download.


How can I use Filesender?

To send files, follow these steps:
•  Log in to the web interface using CAFe; 
•    Upload the file;
•    Enter the recipient´s (or recipients´) e-mail address.

The service will automatically send an e-mail to the recipients with a link, which, when clicked, will start downloading the file. Later, the file will be automatically removed from the service on the availability deadline informed by the uploader.

If the user is member of institutions, which are not in café yet, it is possible to send a voucher to him, which will allow uploading a file to be shared. 



How to access Filesender?

All users of Federated Academic Community (CAFe) client institutions can use FileSender@RNP at their disposal to upload large files.



Take Filesender to your institution

FileSender@RNP membership is automatic for all users of institutions, which are already CAFe clients. Thus, if your institution is already in CAFe, just access the service at address and use it.

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