Web Conference

Promote virtual meetings between two or more participants.

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Web Conference is a service that takes to the web environment resources of a conference with combined video and audio; however, there are other features of instant and collaborative interaction, such as chat, notepad, shared view of images, files or even from the screen of a remote computer.


Where can I use Web Conference?

The service can be accessed from a computer or a mobile device with installed browser, a headset and internet connection. Are the above requirements met? Then you can access Web Conference from anywhere, anytime, to watch a session. Read the user manual.


How to access?

To watch a session in Web Conference, just go to the web address of the virtual room which the meeting has been scheduled for and log in through CAFe federation or sign in as a guest. To organize a virtual meeting in the service, it is necessary for the institution to have joined the service.


Take Web Conference to your institution

If you participate in a group of people distributed geographically, whether in the same city, country or the world, Web Conference can help you get close to them, enabling you to interact using audio video and numberless other features that help in collaborative work.

Take Web Conference to your Institution