Mobility. This is the main benefit eduroam (education roaming) offers to the academic community.


One Wi-Fi connection, thousands of points around the world

If you are already a user, just enable Wi-Fi on your computer, mobile phone or tablet to connect to the wireless network automatically. Thus, it is not necessary to request temporary accounts or perform any other procedure supported by a local team. Just activate the device and get online.


Where can I use eduroam?

With over 2,600 access points in Brazil and thousands more in over 90 countries, eduroam is in universities, research centers, public squares, airports and even coffee shops. Wherever you see "eduroam" on your Wi-Fi, you can connect.

Eduroam map in the world


How to use eduroam?

Eduroam is a special Wi-Fi connection. To connect easily, download the eduroam setup wizard tool and connect your device automatically.


Eduroam setup wizard


Take eduroam to your institution

Institutions that choose to be part of the eduroam community provide their researchers, employees and students with access to thousands of connection points around the world when they are traveling in their country or abroad.

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