Hold virtual meetings with high image and sound quality.


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Videoconference enables the users from client institutions to hold meetings between participants, who are geographically far, by means of virtual rooms.

The service enables participation in video conferences from a personal computer, mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, in a very simple way, considering that a headphone, a microphone and a camera are necessary only. 

As there is also connection to the telephone network, there is a possibility to participate from conventional, land-line or mobile telephone terminals. In addition, meetings can be recorded and streamed live.


Where can I use it?

Because of the possibility to attend remote meetings from a personal computer, mobile device or telephone terminal, the user can use Videoconference anywhere and anytime.


How to access?

Those, who are interested in using Videoconference, shall schedule the virtual rooms on site agendamento.rnp in advance.
It is important to point out that the support to the end-user shall be provided by the client institution itself.