WRNP 2018 debates innovations in networks in Campos do Jordão

- 16/05/2018

Between May 7 and 8, the  WRNP 2018 gathered the network research community in Campos do Jordão (SP), to present the most advanced research and development of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), nationally and internationally. The event was held with the 36th edition of the Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (SBRC).

In total, 39 exhibitors presented technological demonstrations and clarified queries from the audience regarding their projects, including the Working Groups that integrate our R&D programs and the international cooperation initiatives with the United States and the European Union. Over the last three years, the coordinated calls have already allowed for investments of R$ 53.6 million reals into research, with the participation of several Brazilian universities, and benefited a total of 11 projects in 2017 alone.

At the closing of activities, the joint panel with SBRC brought a debate on the subject “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Network Universe” and made room for a broad view on the matter, bringing panel members with different positioning: university, market, development agencies and startups.

The panel on CT&I for Research and Innovation complemented the discussion and highlighted the progress that the New Legal Framework for Science, Technology, and Innovation can bring to the country, especially when it comes to technology transfer. The director of Policies and Programs to Support Innovation of the Secretariat of Technological Development and Innovation of MCTIC, Jorge Mario Cecílio, declared that the new legal framework promises to reduce bureaucracy, which consumes 35 to 40% of the time of the researcher. 

The presentation of the executive director of the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks (RedCLARA), Luis Cadenas, talked about the construction of a new cyberinfrastructure in Latin America. He highlighted the improvements that project Bella (Building Europe Link to Latin America) will bring to the region until 2020, with connections of 100 Gbps. The director of Engineering and Operations of the Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (RNP), Eduardo Grizendi, added to that the project of the technological evolution of the Ipe Network for a scalable infrastructure, with deliveries programmed starting this year.

The event had panels and technical sessions with Brazilian and foreign specialists on infrastructures defined by software, open data for research, services for e-Science, cloud initiatives, experimentation platforms (testbeds), in addition to the remote participation of network engineer of the Pacific Research Platform (PRP) engineer, John Hess. 

All presentations are available for access through the portal Vídeo@RNP.