Workshop promotes the development of solutions to strengthen health in RNP

- 16/04/2021

On the 14 and 16/04, collaborators from various areas of RNP met to discuss health problems in the organization. The goal of the workshop was to draw solutions to integrate communication and improve the flow of information between health projects developed.

The first day of the remote meeting started with a presentation about the concepts, principles, and organization of SUS and the role of RNP in the context of relationships in the health ecosystem by Angelica Silva, a researcher at Fiocruz.

Next, collaborator and facilitator Pedro Henrique de Castro used different methodologies so that participants could collaborate, using the Miro tool, and arrive at a cloud of problems and solutions for Health at RNP.

The second day was marked by debates. Those present (remotely) were divided into three groups to discuss and come up with solutions for the main need identified: integration of communication and improvement of the flow of information between health projects at RNP.

By the end of the discussions, the participants voted and decided that the most "humanly desirable", "technically possible", and "economically viable" solution is to create a Health Committee to develop the triad: people, processes, and technologies in the organization. Future meetings will resume the discussions to propose new actions.

"This new possibility of integrated action was genius. I'm surprised with the effectiveness of the remote process and very pleased with the outcome," said the manager of Health Relationship at RNP, Luiz Ary Messina. And Paulo Lopes, Health Community specialist, added:

"The idea was to move away from the traditional perspective of the Deputy Board of Directors of Health Relationship (Dari-SaÚde). This work, in addition to the future solution, allows this integration that is very important for the organization.