Virtual exhibition transports Internet users on a journey through the 70 years of Capes history

- 29/10/2021

Can 70 years of history fit in a virtual environment? Ask Capes (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel) and find out that the answer is yes! In partnership with the National Education and Research Network (RNP), the foundation created an exhibition commemorating its 70th anniversary with images, videos and text that virtually transports Internet users on a tour through seven decades. In a light, pleasant and fun way, the route passes through themed rooms and cultural corridors. In them, the main landmarks of Capes are shown, since its creation in 1951, until the most recent achievements.

Head of this initiative, Capes Social Communication coordinator, Edson Morais, details the backstage of what is considered an innovative project for the body. “For the entire team involved, it was a great challenge to summarize 70 years of such a rich and important history. The idea of a virtual exhibition to celebrate Capes' anniversary came from research on similar initiatives around the world. But the project was conceived in a completely original way. So much so that the modeling of the virtual space was based on the National Museum of the Republic, in Brasília”, he explains. RNP consultants Thaís Mesquita Cantanhêde and Alexandra Josias also worked directly on the initiative.

Edson argues that, in addition to the hard work of production and content curation by his team to create the exhibition, the partnership with RNP was vital to take the idea out of the imagination and make it real. But the commemorative exhibition is, in fact, just one of the works that resulted from this alliance. RNP, without a shadow of a doubt, is one of the most important partners of CAPES”, summarizes Edson.

The Solutions coordinator at RNP, Mariana Marina Oliveira, who closely follows this joint work, contextualizes: “The partnership between RNP and Capes celebrates, this year, 13 years of existence. During this period, many projects were developed for the benefit of the academic-scientific community. Portal de Periódicos, which has been in existence for 20 years, is a success story of the partnership, for example. In this context, RNP has been operating since 2009 in the development and evolution of high quality solutions, delivering solutions that aim to improve the services provided by the agency”.

"In this specific action, the virtual exhibition commemorating the 70th anniversary of CAPES is the result of joint efforts between RNP and Capes, undertaken in the execution of integrated communication strategies, to disseminate and expand the community's knowledge about Capes and its great importance in Education”, concludes Mariana.

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