Use cases are selected for III Fibre Workshop at CSBC 2018

- 03/05/2018

Last Thursday (May 26), were announced the papers to be presented at the 38ª edition of the Brazilian Computer Society Congress (CSBC 2018), which will take place between 22 and 26 of July, in Natal (RN). Three studies were selected:

Concept proof of Virtualized Infrastructure Managers as Service Exploring Fibre’s System of Resources Allocation and Experimentation.

Author: Vinícius Gonçalves Braga, João Paulo Esper, Murillo Silva e Nunes, Elton Vivot Dias, Sand Luz Corrêa and Kleber Vieira Cardoso (UFG).

Simulation of Networking Environments Using the Fibre Testbed - Research and Educational Applications.

Author: Diego Pedroso, Bruno Lopes, Cesar Marcondes, Emerson Barea and Diego Pedroso (UFSCar).

Experimentations with the SDN-IPS tool in the Fibre testbed for educational practices on networks and cybersecurity.

Author: Italo Valcy S. Brito, Adriana Viriato Ribeiro and Leobino N. Sampaio (UFBA).

The studies were selected after a call for papers by Fibre in February, aimed at students and teachers interested in sharing stories about the uses of the testbed, such as experimentations, final undergraduate papers, or educational activities.

In addition to the selected papers, the III Fibre Workshop will also feature tutorials on the testbed. See the complete program for the event.

About Fibre

Fibre is an experimentation environment that works as a large-scale laboratory, providing the students with practical experience that is not usually possible with the simulation software and local resources available in an educational institution. One of its goals is to stimulate the use of the Fibre testbed in the classroom while teaching computer networks.

Currently, the environment is formed by a federation of 16 local testbeds operating in universities and research centers across the country.