Unifesspa joins the eduroam service

- 17/01/2018

The Federal University of Southern and South-eastern Pará (Unifesspa) has joined the eduroam service, which gives access to secure wireless network in several institutions worldwide. The service implementation process was completed at the university headquarters, which is located at the Marabá campus and houses three academic units. In this way, users of these units can connect to the service in and outside the university.

The service deployed in the three units also allows people from other institutions that are members of eduroam to use the facility's wireless network at the university, using their own institution's identification and access password.

Unifesspa's headquarters in the Marabá campus houses seven institutes offering 29 undergraduate courses in the areas of exact sciences, humanities, agrarian and regional development, geosciences and engineering, linguistics, literature and arts, as well as the Law school. The estimate, according to data from 2016, is that 930 students are benefited.

Learn more about eduroam

Eduroam (education roaming) is a global wireless internet secure access service that aims at facilitating the roaming of the academic community around the world. Coordinated in Brazil by RNP, eduroam is already present in 110 education and research institutions in the country. In total, there are already over 2,000 access points to the service in Brazil.

In addition to security and mobility, ease of use is one of the advantages of the eduroam network, which does not require numerous logins and passwords for its users to connect. It is only necessary to register and set up the computer, cell phone or tablet to automatically detect the wireless network in any customer institution.