TICAL2020 and 4th E-Science Meeting extend deadlines for calls until 5/25

- 15/05/2020

In an extra effort, the organization of the events decided that the works selected to be presented at the Conference – which will be held virtually between August 31st and September 3rd – will be assessed by their participants and the best five classified will receive as a prize the tickets, the accommodation, and the registration to participate in the Internet2 Summit 2021, annual event of the advanced American network Internet2, which will be held in Washington. Send your work until May 25th at 12 AM GMT and invite the members of your academic community to enroll; registration now is free of charge, but it is mandatory to guarantee participation. 

TICAL and e-Science will approach the topic "The digital route of a smart university". The works must be sent in strict compliance with the format established in the bases of the calls and the respective Author’s Guide, updated to meet the characteristics of a virtual presentation. Remember that the articles must be submitted online.

To review the TICAL2020 Work Call, visit https://bit.ly/2Vq6I5f, and for the Call of the 4th e-Science Meeting, visit https://bit.ly/3c9TZua

Check out the topic lines of both events, which will be held together, below:

The topic lines are:

Disruptive Technologies in the University

    • Artificial Intelligence (Data analysis, virtual assistants, amongst others)
    • Blockchain
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • 3D Printing
    • Immersive experience
    • Robotics
    • Smart campus
  1. The connectivity and the infrastructure in the smart university.
  2. Transforming the learning experience of the student.
  3. Technologies to improve the qualification of the researchers in the university.
  4. Adapting the services to improve the experience of the final user.
  5. Creating secure digital universities (information security management systems, incident-response projects, preventive alerts, amongst others).
  6. Management and governance of ICT in the smart university.
  7. Quick and flexible developments to adapt to a constantly changing environment.
  8. Green technologies and inclusive services.

Topic lines of the 4th Latin American E-Science meeting

  1. Data sciences / Models of machine learning
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors networks
  3. High performance Processing/Storage
  4. Scientific visualization
  5. Generation of open data

Useful links:

Online registration: https://bit.ly/2RA1e6G 

Further information about the events: https://tical2020.redclara.net 

Source: RedCLARA