Telemedicine University Network gains other two units in November

- 03/11/2016

Two important centers of the country, General Hospital of Grajaú, under management of Social Responsibility Institute of the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital, in São Paulo and National Institute of Infectology Evandro Chagas (INI), of Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), are now members of Telemedicine University Network (RUTE). The opening will be held on Thursday (November 3), in a joint ceremony broadcast by videoconference, as of 10h a.m.

The event will be attended by directors of both institutions. Janaina Belém, coordinator of Educational and Research Center (CENEPES) of General Hospital of Grajaú, reveals that this opportunity will optimize hospital performance. “From this technology, we will make the communication faster. Our professionals will have better operation and will be able to change experience with coworkers residing in other locations. The advance also represents a physician monitoring surgeries at distance is very satisfactory”, he says.

In INI, the ceremony will be conducted by national coordinator of RUTE, Luiz Ary Messina and, as activity, a lecture on clinical research on infectious ophthalmology shall be ministered by Dr. André Curi, clinical director of INI.

With the next opening, Rute will have 124 centers opened and in full operation, located in university and teaching hospitals in all states of the country. There are 60 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in health specialties and subspecialties, averaging from two to three daily scientific virtual sessions, with the participation of 380 health institutions.

The national coordinator of Rute, Luiz Ary Messina, shall conduct the event and states the importance of telemedicine to improve the hospital operations. “Our purpose is to increasingly extend this system. The implementation of telemedicine in these two hospitals will benefit greatly and will help in research, training and integration in communication and management; streamlines the work of institutions and increases the level of collaboration”.

Photo: Gutemberg Brito (IOC/Fiocruz)