See what RNP did for culture, applied solutions and defense

- 13/03/2019

In the third issue of the series on RNP's main deliverables to customers in 2018, we will cover what we do to meet the needs related to culture, applied solutions and defense.

Cinemas Network Strengthening

In the area of culture, RNP worked to strengthen the Cinemas Network, with actions to enhance and expand access to Brazilian audiovisual content, while supporting Brazilian audiovisual production; as an important segment for the expansion of qualified exhibition spaces in Brazil.

One of the initiatives is the Cinemas en Rede project, a partnership between RNP, the Ministry of Culture (MinC) and the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications (MCTIC); which contributes to the creation of an audiovisual display circuit in universities and federal institutions throughout Brazil. In 2018, eight sessions were held followed by discussions with directors and producers of the film. These exhibitions had a total audience of 1,217 people, of which 776 remained during the discussions at the end of each film, which provided interaction, knowledge sharing, and social participation.

The Cinemas in Rede Portal was also activated, the delivery of Cinemas Network Management System and release of Qualification Call, whose objective is to map the institutions that have some exhibition initiative to direct the expansion of the Cinemas Network in 2019. It will be open until March 1st.

In partnership with Kasco P & D, RNP finalized the appliance UHD Player, digital content player. The equipment is miniaturized hardware capable of displaying videos in 4K, with digital audio of the highest quality, besides offering functionalities like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and digital TV tuner.

"More than just meeting the needs of a movie theater, there was a concern to extract the full potential of the processor and enable it to run state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms, which will design this hardware for use in the years to come," says João Marcelo von Zuben, from Kasco P & D.

Two solutions applied in Ancine

In 2018, RNP completed two actions in cooperation with the National Cinema Agency (Ancine). One of the agency's major challenges was to automate the reception and registration of audiovisual works broadcast in Brazil. All audiovisual works transmitted in Brazil must be registered with Ancine. For this, the producers send them in physical electronic media via the Post Office, and the whole process of registration and manipulation is done manually. As a solution, RNP implemented, on a pilot basis, the Digital Works Registry (RDO), which allows this process to be carried out in an automated way, increasing its efficiency; reducing operating costs and increasing the time of preservation of the audiovisual collection, which is now stored in more resilient and secure systems.

The other solution delivered to Ancine was the Open Capture TV Signal Platform (TV2IPE), which performs capture, indexing, and storage of open TV signals. In addition to the monitoring of the audiovisual works broadcast on open TV, TV2IPE allows the formation of an extensive audiovisual collection that can be made available to students and researchers. A relevant innovative aspect concerns the equipment that allows the capture and decoding of up to 16 simultaneous open TV channels, allowing a significant reduction of physical space for accommodation of signal reception equipment and deployment costs.

Project plan with Embrapii under development

Improve the processes and technological infrastructure focused on information security. This is the objective of the Brazilian Industrial Research and Innovation Company (Embrapii), when it entered into a partnership with RNP in October 2018. The kickoff meeting has already been held and the project plan is under preparation. The project provides for the implementation of good information security practices that serve as the basis for the establishment of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) for Embrapii.

"The partnership will enable infrastructure development and, in particular, compliance with best practices in cybersecurity for the management of sensitive data, based on security regulations, contingency and system scalability. The implementation of the SGSI (security and risk management) platform foreseen in the scope of the partner will be a milestone in the evolution of corporate and IT governance at Embrapii ", says Luiz Horta Barbosa, of the company's Operations Directorate.

Connectivity and capacity building for the Ministry of Defense

RNP has the challenge of providing connectivity, services, and solutions to the units of the Ministry of Defense (MD). In 2018, the implementation of high capacity connections was started at the Escola Superior de Guerra (ESG); Instituto Pandiá Calógeras (IPC) and Armed Forces Hospital (HFA), MD institutions located in Brasília (DF) that have actions in teaching, research and solutions in a network and IT security. In addition to the connectivity, there is also the challenge of training 18 technicians, which will be carried out through courses of the Higher School of Networks (ESR).


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