Second edition of 2020’s Sisu is cloud-operated: see performance

- 13/07/2020

Education is a social right for everyone. It is the set of systems making higher education domestic policy, available with the Ministry of Education (MEC), it is the representation of this right in practice. Every year, million of Brazilian put their dreams and plans of future toward higher education institutions, on Federal Government programas, such as Unified Screening System (Sisu), Univerisity for Everyone Program (ProUni) and Student Financing Fund (Fies).

In order to offer a stable, agile and safe navigation expertise for the beneficiaries of these gear of Brazilian public education, the National Network of Education and Research (RNP) undertaken a challenge with MEC. On January, in the first edition of the screening year, the social organization coordinated migration and fitting of Sisu to cloud environment The result of the conjoint word was a resilient, elastic, scalable and safe infrastructure, to be enlarged on demand.

It went very well, so the work continues: on second Sisu edition, 2020, with enrollment open between 07 and 10/07, RNP works for sustaining the portal, in order to assure the students to make their enrollments easily and quickly. It must be highlighted that, because of social distancing due to Covid-19 pandemics, the action was remote. By video conference, members of RNP and MEC performed communication to conduct the operation of a management room, in Brasilia, and an operation room, in Campinas, and collaborators working from home.

Check out the performance:

#Day4 - Friday, July, 10th

When clock ticked zero hour on Tuesday (07/07), thousand of students were able to access Sisu portal. At the end of enrollment, on Friday (07/10), 11:59 p.m., about 424,991 candidates were enrolled to get in competition for any option of class and institution in the portal. Because every student may choose up to two options, each one counted as one, 814,476 registrations were done. These candidates disputed 51,924 positions in 1,542 courses of 57 public institutions of higher education. Beyond registered students, 3.250,349 candidates, registered on National High School Exam (ENEM), 2029, were able to participate of the screening. 


Segunda edição do Sisu de 2020 é operado em nuvem: veja a performance

On the cloud environment where Sisu runs since January of this year, more users may access the platform at the same time and everywhere, because it also was fitted for mobile devices, allowing greater flexibility and agility during connection. In practice, on the fourth day of registration (07/10), the portal received a peak of 1,309 and an average of 1,062 registrations per minute. Up to 20 thousand students were able to access the platform at the same time and better: without instabilities. The website stayed available full time, tempo, a total of 100%. Most of students accessed the platform from mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets: about 65%; while other 32% were access from desktop computers.

Segunda edição do Sisu de 2020 é operado em nuvem: veja a performanceSegunda edição do Sisu de 2020 é operado em nuvem: veja a performance


This page is updated on a daily basis, with fresh information about Sisu performance on cloud. If you missed it, check out now how the first days of portal run were:


Segunda edição do Sisu de 2020 é operado em nuvem: veja a performance

Histories behind curtains

Segunda edição do Sisu de 2020 é operado em nuvem: veja a performanceBeyond rough numbers, there are hidden histories in every registration of the screening. One of them is Ana Beatriz Guimarães, 18 years old. The student thinks big: she wants to study for doctor. The course matches some of her passions: biology and people’s care. The fact that it is one of the most competitive options, with high passing score, do not scares the young lady. She avoids to compare herself and competitors and sees the journey to search a place in university as an opportunity to try and surpass her own limits: “Every exercise and evaluation I do, I try to be better than before. Too many people with the same dream as mine. If I focus on this, I will quit. I believe everyone has a place, on the proper time.” To conquest the goal she studies a lot since the first year of High School. She also was awarded with scholarship on a preparation class. Even from home, doing social distancing, Ana still studies every day. 

In the first day of Sisu registration, the student concentrated her efforts on Universidade Federal do Piauí (UFPI), Campus senador Helvídio Nunes de Barros; and Universidade Federal do Pampa (UNIPAMPA), Campus Uruguaiana, respectively, as first and second choice. On the edition of last year, in order to avoid high traffic of students on the website and possible unavailability of the system, the young lady accessed the portal at dawn. This year it was not necessary: at 05:00 p.m of Tuesday (07/07), Ana accessed the portal easily, and closed her registration in minutes. “My experience in the portal was very simple! I had no problem. It loaded very fast. I just forgot my password, but I recovered it soon. Next, some minutes to browse between options for choosing. Too many options in different States!”, tell her.

Segunda edição do Sisu de 2020 é operado em nuvem: veja a performancePedro Carneiro Neto, 20 years old, disputes a position in two different courses: Zootechny and Veterinary Medicine, as first and second option, respectively. Both in Universidade Federal de Lavras (UFLA), in Minas Gerais. Enthusiastic by large animals, if he gets the desired approval, his intention is to explore a wide area and study on genetic enhancement of cattle. The expectation is optimistic and his expertise, when registering on the system, was positive: “Registration was very simple. I finished everything in five minutes. No difficult when browsing, the website did not frozen... I remember that, in other times, the website frozen, and I need to do my register again. In this year the situation improved a lot.”

Segunda edição do Sisu de 2020 é operado em nuvem: veja a performanceOther candidate of Sisu is Laura Eduarda França, 19 years old. She is a student of Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia de Brasília (IFB), in Distrito Federal, but she wants to explore other opportunities for her future. The young man disputes a position on Biology courses, in Universidade Federal da Paraíba (UFPB) in João Pessoa; and Medicine, in Universidade Federal do Acre (UFAC), in Rio Branco, as first and second choice, respectively. The position obtained on IFB also was offered by Sisu, on 2018. When accessing the website in this edition, Laura realized some improvements: “It was very fast! I’ve already registered on system before and I never accessed it so easy. No error, no freezing... It was great! I was able to view options of courses and institutions without difficult.”



Ana Beatriz, Pedro Neto and Laura Eduarda, plus thousand students, registered and commented regarding their experiences on Twitter, bring “sisu” tag to Top Trendings on last Tuesday (07/07). See what internet users say:


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