Second day of the Meeting with Suppliers highlights opportunities in Services, Solutions and RD&I

- 23/09/2020

The program of the second and last day of the VII RNP Meeting with Suppliers and Partners, which was held virtually this year due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, highlighted the partnership and business opportunities the organization has to offer within the scope of Services and Solutions and research, development and innovation (RD&I).

Services and Solutions
The three deputy directors of the Services and Solutions Division (DSS) started the meeting with a panel presenting the possibilities for involvement of partners and suppliers in the service and solution offers for the organizations users of the RNP System and RNP´s qualification branch, Escola Superior de Redes (ESR).

Antônio Carlos Fernandes Nunes, Solution Management deputy director (DAGSol), explained the work methodology used for the development of projects in the area, from immersion to sustainability.  He also showed some highlighted solutions developed in the last ten years and presented the opportunities in new initiatives.

“It is important all of our partners to understand our challenges to help us overcome them”, Antônio pointed out.

Then, the Service Management deputy director (DAGSer), Luiz Coelho, highlighted NasNuvens, marketplace under construction, where currently, there are 16 standardized service offers for the education and research institutions in the country.

Luiz Coelho – Why to bring your solution to Nasnuvens? Development of the standardized offers. A set of offers I can model to be able to repeat. Go to the market and the clients to compare demand and offer and negotiate better conditions for the offer to be available for the education and research segment.

“We understand that in the next cycle, in the decade starting in 2020, we want to expand. NasNuvens is a complete ecosystem to understand business opportunity and deliver to the education and research segment. It is simplified cloud journey. A unique environment, which will gather all offers available both for contracting and use of the services”, Luiz explained.

The panel was closed by Leandro Guimarães, deputy director of Escola Superior de Redes (ESR). He presented the role of ESR within RNP and the 3.0 strategy released in  2019 and sustained on three pillars: Educational consulting, remote education and partnerships, considering that the second pillar stood out this year because of the pandemic.

“We have to anticipate RE, which was a project for two years, two years and a half, because of coronavirus, but we managed to provide the students with the same experience as in-person classes. We achieved that by means of the on-line meetings with instructors. The students can exchange experience, so there is big integration between the classes. At the end of the pandemic, we will have a hybrid way to perform the courses”, Leandro highlighted.

Case Sisu on cloud
Also in the Services and Solutions context, the managers Roosevelt Benvindo and Hélder Vitorino presented the scenario, the guidelines, the challenge and the results from the migration of the of the Unified Selection System (Sisu) to the cloud. “The question in the federal bodies is not “whether or not to go to the cloud” anymore. Now, it is: “when it is will go the cloud?”, because there is a legal force working in this direction”, Roosevelt pointed out.

The project managed to make a new application available in a new environment to 3.5 million applicants, distributing 237,128 vacancies in the first editions and 51,924 in the second, in a meritocratic way in four days.

The great effort of the multi-functional team formed by RNP, MEC and partners resulted in a resilient, flexible, scalable, stable, agile and secure infrastructure, which can be expanded according to the demand.

RD&I Opportunities
Following the program, the Research, Development & Innovation Division (DPDI) showed to the partners and the suppliers how they can provide direct support in RNP RD&I-PPI projects, which assure fiscal incentives to the companies, in addition to several other benefits, such as, for example, usufruct of the results from the respective project.

“The objective is not the company to make investment and the result thereof to be used only by RNP and the education and research institutions, the academy. We want the benefits from the projects to be absorbed by those who invest as well”, the RD&I deputy director (DAGPDI) Lisandro Granville pointed out.

The deputy director of e-Science and Advanced Cyber-Infrastructure (DACCA) Leandro Ciuffo exemplified some initiates developed with the private investments in PPI in Advanced Internet and reinforced the importance of the involvement of RNP in the projects.

“The main message we want to transmit is the suppliers to see RNP as a partner in the technological development. RNP shall be seen as a catalyst. Once developing a partnership with university X or Y together with RNP, we manage to obtain this potential to catalyze specialists from different universities from the academy”, he affirmed.

LGPD Challenges
In the final part of the event, the Cyber-security deputy director (DACS) Emilio Nakamura spoke about the main challenges for the adaptation to the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), which entered into force on 09/18, and showed what RNP is doing in this context in relation to suppliers and partners.

“From the time they (suppliers and partners), together with RNP, offer services to the community, there is a big work to be done. In this context, RNP and the partners are controllers of the personal data. It is important for us to make these issues very clear in the contracts we make. An important point is to know what personal data enters, as well. We have some important phases of the LGPD adaptation process, data collection and how data is handled, protected and shared”, Emilio warned.

News in the RNP processes
In his presentation, the Administration and Supply manager (GAS), Márcia Souza, contextualized RNP institutionally and spoke about the improvements in the processes, the creation of a supplier space on the organization´s site, the development of a Supplier Portal and the implementation of digital signature.

“RNP is a company that values cooperation and joint work with partners and suppliers. This is how we work internally as well, with our collaborators, seeking better operation always”, Márcia says.

Before the closing of the VII RNP Meeting with Suppliers and Partners, the Business analyst, responsible for the sponsor capturing, Francislaine Oliveira submitted the certificates to the suppliers, who stood out in their deliveries in 2019.