RUTE receives international award for leadership in digital health

- 04/05/2016

On May 12, in the City of São Paulo, the Telemedicine University Network (RUTE) will receive an international award from consultancy company Frost & Sullivan for its growth, innovation and leadership in the healthcare segment. Frost & Sullivan is a consultancy company that operates worldwide in the recognition of large companies leaders in innovation.

The award chose the telemedicine network as the most innovative, dynamic and fastest-growing Brazilian initiative. According to Frost & Sullivan, the award nominates the organizations that are better prepared to survive and lead, when faced with the shifts in the economic environment.

According to RUTE’s national coordinator, Luiz Ary Messina, the international consultancy company was impacted by RUTE’s ability to carry out integrated actions, mobilizing a great number of institutions. “This award is due to our capacity to add individual values and make up a much more solid collaboration”, Messina stated.

Coordinated by the Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (RNP), RUTE connects 150 university and teaching hospitals, and is present in 120 units of telemedicine and telehealth, opened and in full operation, throughout Brazil. The network also has 57 Special Interest Groups, in several areas and sub-areas of expertise.