RUTE, ABTms and RNPI held webinar ‘Children are priority’

- 07/10/2020

Children´s Day (10/12) is coming and there is no better time than that to discuss the conditions necessary for the healthy development of children and adolescents. Therefore, in October every year, SIG of Children´s and Adolescents´ Health of the University Tele-medicine Network (RUTE) holds a meeting called “Children are priority”. The 2020 was special; it was held on-line in the morning on 10/6 due to the pandemic, with participation and support of the Brazilian Association of Tele-medicine and Tele-health (ABTms) and the National Early Childhood Network (RNPI).

Internet, the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the technical support by RUTE contributed for the virtual event to have excellent impact and provoke strong emotion in the speakers and the attendees.

The meeting was moderated by Dr. Evelyn Eisenstein, pediatrician and coordinator of SIGs Children´s and Adolescents´ Health and COVID19 BR of RUTE, in addition to being a member of ABTms, RNPI and the Brazilian Pediatrics Society (SBP), and the initial word was given to RUTE´s national coordinator and president of ABTms, Dr. Luiz Ary Messina and the representative of the executive secretariat of RNPI Miriam Pragita.

There were four lectures totally by specialist that spoke about several aspects that involve the healthy physical and mental development of children and adolescents.

  • Dr. Cristiane Kopacek pediatrician from UFCSPA from Porto Alegre: “The main challenges of health for children”;
  • Dr. Claudia Mascarenhas Fernandes, psychologist and psychoanalyst from Salvador and director of Viva Infância: “The mental health issues of the children and their families in times of so many behavioral changes, pointing out that mental health is total health”;
  • Dr. Fabio Paes, philosopher and theologist from São Paulo and coordinator of Serviço Franciscano de Solidariedade (Sefras): “The dimensions of mortality salience and precariousness in the humanitarian process and the invisibility of the childhood in Brazil”;
  • Dr. Vital Didonet, educator and parliament assistant, from Brasília: He presented the National Early Childhood Plan, PNPI, which will be nationally released on 10/22 to the entire country. In his lecture, he affirmed: “I don´t have walls, I have only horizons”, and was applauded (remotely) by all attendees. 

The event had big positive impact with exchange of knowledge, video links, and educational material and health information. About 30 professionals from different areas from the states of Ceará, Bahia, Espirito Santo, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul attended the event.

“The lesson to take is that all participants will spread the message that Children are Priority, article 227 of our Federal Constitution, even more, as well as the importance of ICT in these so difficult times for all, but which we will overcome, together with our families”, Dr. Evelyn Eisenstein affirmed