RNPSeg’21 discussed the new profile of the security professional

- 25/11/2021

During the pandemic, companies needed to transform themselves digitally. For security managers, this new context brought great challenges because the need for professionals with the most diverse profiles increased. This was one of the topics discussed during the RNPSeg’21, an event promoted by the National Education and Research Network (RNP) and aimed at executive-level IT managers with an emphasis on cybersecurity.

The panel of speakers at RNPSeg’21 included important names in the information security market: Marcello Zillo, Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft; Anchises Moraes, Cyber Evangelista at C6 Bank; and Emilio Nakamura, Director of Cybersecurity at RNP.

The debate generated reflections on how, in addition to the pandemic context, technological changes and the development of new forms of cyberattack generated a great demand for professionals for the sector. Issues related to the job market and qualification permeated the discussion.

According to Anchises Moraes, some time ago, one person was enough to protect a company, but that reality has changed. “I myself worked at a large company that had two security professionals, and that was the industry standard. Today, because of the technological complexity, the cyber attacks, and the threats we have, a single person cannot do this job alone,” he explained.

The shortage of professionals comes into vogue given the need for profiles with different skills in security teams. Daniela Braun, technology expert and reporter for Valor Econômico, also participated in the event and sparked debate about this deficit in the cybersecurity market.

To answer it, Emílio Nakamura said he was sure that there was such a shortage. “The opportunity is no longer just in Brazil, in our city, I have many colleagues who found jobs in other countries and continue to live in Brazil, being paid in dollars or euros. It is difficult to compete in a scenario of this nature. In Brazil alone, there are 441,000 professionals lacking in the cybersecurity area”, she replied.

Marcello Zillo took the opportunity to highlight that this deficit can create more multidisciplinary teams. “Migrating from IT to cybersecurity is an almost natural path. But that is changing. Today I see professionals from other areas, with different backgrounds, entering the security market. This is super positive. We need a team with different profiles. We have to look for generalist professionals, help them in this transition process and start to train new professionals as soon as possible. We can do this by giving a chance to less experienced people, who will prepare themselves to be more qualified in two or three years' time”, he revealed.

About the challenges of the profession, Anchises commented that the security professional fights a dishonest fight against cybercriminals. "They create a new attack technique and we will look for ways to correct it. As much as we try to predict the possibilities of attack, they are innovating. At best, we can stop the war. While we look at it as a whole, they just need a breach”, he said.

At the end of the debate, Zillo encouraged professionals to promote the training of young people and people who bring more diversity to the security area. “We have to help in the process of transformation in our area, using diversity as an engine to reduce the gap in professionals. If every security professional could mentor someone interested in getting into the field, how many professionals would we not have three years from now? Many young people want to enter the market, but they need help”, he concluded.

The RNPSeg’20 is carried out by the Security Incident Response Team (CAIS/RNP). Due to the pandemic, the event had an online audience and a live broadcast on RNP's YouTube channel. Watch the full broadcast: