RNPSeg 2021 will bring together technology managers and leaders to debate the new profile of security professionals

- 23/11/2021

In view of the transformations imposed by the evolution of technology and the new habits it encourages, even those who work with the technology itself find it difficult to keep their teams updated and ready for innovation. The RNPSeg, an information security event that invites industry leaders to a frank and constructive debate, put the development of professionals in the area on the agenda.

With the theme New profile of security professionals, the RNPSeg 2021 takes place today, at 6:30 pm, and comes to help decision makers to map the skills that employees must possess or develop to fulfill their role in the new distributed environments, whether in interpersonal relationships or by understanding that security itself is distributed in different processes of the organization. In its third edition, RNPseg will be broadcast live on YouTube.

Pandemic and cloud computing accelerated transformations

During the pandemic, the adoption of remote work was one of the most viable alternatives for organizations to continue developing their activities. According to the National Household Sample Survey (PNAD) Covid-19, released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), between May and November last year, 8.2 million people carried out their work activities remotely. The role of the security professional in this scenario has become even more strategic. Although machines and software play a fundamental role in protecting the digital world, professionals are responsible for creating and operating these technologies – without them, technology is not capable of operating with all the guarantees expected by users, students or consumers.

But to complicate this equation, many point to the existence of a gap in security-qualified technology professionals. How, then, to ensure the formation of good teams? When, where and how to hire new professionals or retrain current employees?

The objective of RNPSeg is to promote a space for interaction and strategic reflections on information security in the national and international scenario, from the perspective of managers and executives with great reference in the area.

The area leaders invited to debate the topic are:

• Anchises Moraes Guimaraes De Paula, Ciber Evangelista at C6 Bank and Supreme Chancellor of Garoa Hacker Clube, the first Brazilian Hackerspace;

• Marcello Zillo Neto, Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft and author of 2 cloud security books.

• Emilio Tissato Nakamura, Director of Cybersecurity (CISO) at RNP and with more than 22 years of experience in the area of security and privacy, will also be present at the event addressing the topic “Competencies of cybersecurity”.

“We are going to take advantage of RNPSeg to discuss the lack of technology talent in the market and the new profile of information security professionals, which has changed a lot over the years, highlighting the best ways to train, hire and retain this specialist. In addition, let's talk about the evolution of this area, which currently requires much more than technical knowledge, but also an understanding of the world, which is constantly changing, and the integration between areas and people within companies, thus avoiding incidents and data leaks,” explains Nakamura.

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