RNP releases a call with six vacancies for scholars for support to Knowledge Management in SSAN

- 06/11/2020

RNP released the call for simplified selection of six scholars for the temporary positions of researcher, extension agent and technical support within the RD&I project “Knowledge Platform Management in SSAN” developed in partnership with MCTI by means of Addendum to the Management Contract, as described in Work Plan SEI/MCTI – 5986971.

MCTI coordinates the actions of the NutriSSAN Platform nationally since 2016. The strategy was an initiative of the Brazilian government, coordinated by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs (MRE) and Science, Technology and Innovations (MCTI) based on an opportunity identified by the scientific community for the international development that recognized the valuable role of research and innovation in the area.

The project has been developed within the Scientific Technical Committee of the Platform for Knowledge Management in Sovereignty and Food and Nutritional Safety (PlaGeSSAN), related to the Bioeconomy sector of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations (MCTI), with participation of Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP), Universidade Estadual de São Paulo (Unesp), Universidade Federal do Pará (UEPA) and Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS).

Important dates:

  • Editor´s release: 11/05
  • Period of enrollment: 11/01 to 11/10
  • Result from the first stage: 11/13
  • Interviews: 11/16 and 11/17
  • Preliminary result: 11/18
  • Appeal: 11/19
  • Final result: 11/20

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About NutriSSAN
It is a community collaboration network by means of a technological communication platform, virtual interaction and cooperation, which is incorporated to the strategies of Sovereignty and Food and Nutritional Safety (SSAN) as a tool for support in articulation and integration among researchers, extension agents, students and society.

The initiative is a partnership between the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations (MCTI) and the social organization Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (RNP) [National Education and Research Network], initially articulated together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. RNP has big expertise considering the experience related to Rede Universitária de Telemedicina (RUTE) [University Tele-medicine Network].

 The objective of NutriSSAN is to support articulation in networks favoring qualification, permanent education and work on research and extension in a collaborative way. The platform works by animation and active participation of its members organized in units and SIGs, who promote sessions for debate, case discussions, classes, research and remote assessment by means of video-collaboration.

Check out more at the portal of NutriSSAN


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