RNP receives e-Culture award from Cultural Anilla Latam-Europe

- 23/04/2021


RNP was one of the 14 recipients of the e-Culture 2020 award from Cultural Anilla Latam-Europe, which acknowledges people and institutions that promote collaborative and co-creative work in advanced Internet networks in culture, art, science, technology, and society. The virtual ceremony took place on the afternoon of 23/04, and the institution was represented by network scientist Michael Stanton.

The category in which RNP was awarded highlights collaboration in e-Culture. According to Cultural Anilla, the role the institution has been playing in the integration of the collaboration network in the Portuguese-speaking world has been fundamental for the inclusion of relevant actions. In addition, RNP provided publicity and technical support to Brazilian institutions to participate in the call for co-creators in the Laboratory of Co-creation in Arts & Science + ICT (LoLa*) in 2019.

"The partnership between Cultural Anilla and RNP has been producing positive results for at least 3 years, with several successful collaborations. RNP is proud of this partnership and the great relationship with Delma Rodriguez, Director of Cultural Anilla, our great partner. We expect to reap many more good fruits from future partnerships. Long live Anilla Cultural", highlighted RNP's science engagement, Alex Moura. 

*LoLa is an initiative that allows musical performances by connecting, in real-time, musicians who are physically separated, through the use of advanced network services, such as those provided by the National Research and Education Network (NREN) and GEANT organizations and other international backbones.